• 1 x Push-Pull + 1 x analogue 4-20 mA / 0-10 V
≥ 40 mm (±20 mm)
web edge control
pulse operation with amplitude evaluation
310 kHz
5 mm in front of transmitter and receiver
0,01 mm
± 0.1 mm at constant ambient conditions
20 - 30 V d.c., reverse polarity protection
± 10 %
≤ 60 mA
5-pin M12 initiator plug
analogue output
current: 4-20 mA / voltage: 0-10 V, short-circuit-proof
switchable rising/falling
switching output
Push-Pull, UB-3 V, -UB+3 V,Imax = 100 mA
6 ms
< 300 ms
com input
synchronisation input
teach-in input
COM2 (38,4 kBaud)
4 ms
16 Bit, R, UNI16
Bit 0-15: degree of coverage with 0.01 mm resolution
Teach-in via push-button, linearisation of the output characteristic curve, temperature compensation, standardization of measurement value, analogue output mode, rising/falling output characteristic curve, NCC/NOC, Synchronisation via pin 5, automatic turning-off LEDs, reputation rate, measuring length, outer window limit characteristic curve, inner window limit characteristic curve, measurement filter, filter strength, centre of switching window, width of switching window, switch-on delay, switch-off delay, LED display
restore IO-Link parameter, sensor adjustment: fork cleared, sensor adjustment: fork 50 % covered, sensor adjustment: fork 100 % covered, load factory settings
IODD version 1.1
60 mm
73 mm
zinc die-casting, plastic parts, PBT
polyurethane foam, epoxy resin with glass contents
IP 65
+5°C to +60°C
-40°C to +85°C
280 g
1 push-button
Teach-in via push-button
LCA-2 with LinkControl