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    From single-head system ... ... to dual-head system
    The classical application for an ultrasonic sensor as single-head system is level control. If the transmitter and receiver are arranged opposite each other as an ultrasonic barrier, thin material such as papers, foils, metal sheets can be "sounded through". It is possible with these dual-head sensors to detect double layers of material very easily and reliably.

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    It's all not a question of the label
    The ultrasonic label sensors esf-1 detect labels, regardless of whether metallised or not, made of foil or paper. Changing colours, degrees of transparency or different material thicknesses do not present any challenge at all to the fork sensor. Now with IO-Link and improved evaluation algorithm.
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    Мы как и прежде решаем проблемы с помощью ультразвука, создаем для Вас датчики и гарантируем их поставку точно в срок.


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    Ultrasonic level sensors with IO-Link and display
    The new crm+ level sensors are equipped with an IO-Link interface version 1.1. The sensors continuously detect levels of liquids or all kinds of bulk materials that reflect sound.
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